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Honeywell Gas Depot

Honeywell Gas Depot houses an extensive inventory of genuine OEM replacement parts for products from Honeywell American Meter, Honeywell Instromet and other Honeywell businesses as well as a wide assortment of accessory products for gas distribution, measurement, and regulation. Our main warehouse, manufacturing, and customer service center in Nebraska allows for easy order processing and quick shipments for customers throughout North America. Stocked products ship within 48 hours of order receipt.

Extend the life of your metering and regulation investment with parts and accessories from Honeywell Gas Depot, a division of Honeywell Gas North America. Genuine OEM parts from Honeywell Gas Depot provide the same fit, finish, structural integrity, and corrosion resistance as the original Honeywell product.

Our Mission:

  • The Honeywell Gas Depot is the leading resource for products, accessories, and parts supporting and complementing our existing Honeywell brands to gas distribution, transmission, commercial and industrial customers
  • Customers will delight in the ease of interface with Gas Depot, our quick deliveries, the depth of the product line, and the value they receive in the relationship.
  • Our product offering will focus on seamless integration with Honeywell’s architecture as well as existing utility infrastructure.

Our Philosophy regarding OEM vs Aftermarket parts:

When it comes to quality, there really is no debate – OEM replacement parts from Honeywell Gas Depot are identical to those used on the assembly line for the original Honeywell product - with the same fit, finish, structural integrity, and corrosion resistance. Parts from “aftermarket” suppliers may appear similar and sometimes have an attractive price tag, but generally cannot provide the same long term reliability and security as those specifically engineered for Honeywell products.

Extensive R&D and life-cycle testing goes into every component of an Honeywell product to insure that it meets ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Codes, as well as other industry standards. Parts from Honeywell Gas Depot must successfully pass rigorous corrosion testing to ensure maximum life expectancy, even in the most abrasive environments. Primers and plating materials used by Honeywell undergo thousands of hours of testing to ensure our parts and products withstand the elements.

For every subcomponent that Honeywell manufactures, the dimensions that are “Critical to Quality” (CTQ) are established for a perfect and exact fit in the finished product. Having fully designed and tested the product, CTQ dimensions are constantly checked by ISO-certified quality control personnel to ensure process stability as well as the long term performance of the finished product. Honeywell Gas Depot parts are designed specifically for the product you’re working on, not reverse engineered, so fit is never an issue.

In an effort to streamline meter shop inventories, Honeywell Gas Depot offers common components in kit and subassembly form. Customized stocking programs are available to ensure our customers have the parts they need, when they need them.

In addition to OEM replacement parts for Honeywell products, Honeywell Gas Depot stocks a variety of accessory products to enhance installations, improve performance, and extend service life. Products include coalescing and dry gas filters, prefabricated meter sets, gasket strainers, needle valves, catalytic heaters, differential pressure testers and many others.

For more information about Honeywell Gas Depot, contact your Honeywell sales representative or authorized distributor.