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AC-250 RMD USB Dongle Software

The Honeywell-American Meter AC-250 is the industry's most cost-effective gas meter for residential and small commercial applications. It is unequalled for accuracy retention and for life cycle maintenance economies.

The USB Dongle, used in conjunction with the AC-250 Remote Meter DIsconnect (RMD), allows the gas utility to increase productivity in managing safety, revenues, and costs while ehancing customer service, without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

The USB Dongle will connect to existing utility PCs that run Windows Operating Systems. Along with the Honeywell Remote Meter Interface (RMI) software, the utility can communicate with any AC-250 RMD meter with minimal capital investment.

AC-250 RMD Software.


AC-250 RMD Data Sheet
AC-250 RMD Software Instruction Sheet

AC-250 RMD USB Dongle Software